LETTER: Sandra Harrison is a unifier

Melodie Eyster
Sandra Harrison, who is running for the Prothonotary office in the next election, talks about how she has been inspired by Mattie Chapman during a dedication ceremony honoring Chapman who was the first elected African-American to hold a York County office as Prothonotary in 1975, at the York County Judicial Center in York City, Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2019. Dawn J. Sagert photo

I am a Republican but on Nov. 5 I will not be voting my party exclusively. I intend to take a good look at the candidates and vote for those individuals who will best serve our community. The easiest decision I will make at the polls will be to vote for Sandra Harrison for prothonotary.

In Sandra I have found a candidate who I know will serve our community with wisdom, truth and fairness.

Sandra is a unifier who uses the color purple in her campaign on purpose. She believes that political parties can effectively work and communicate together … red and blue make purple.

The prothonotary is the chief clerk of the civil court. Harrison’s experience, resilience, personality and attention to detail make her the perfect fit.

Sandra Harrison is a visionary who has already thought of ways to enhance the York County Prothonotary’s Office to make it an even more accessible, efficient, pleasant, helpful and informative place should you ever need the Prothonotary for Civil Court matters.

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Sandra is tireless, one of the hardest working people I have met. I have had the pleasure of going door-to-door canvassing with her. I have witnessed her genuine love and respect for the people of our city and county alike. She is eager to educate people on what a prothonotary does. She is selfless and treats everyone the same. She is ready to serve.

This election is what many people consider an off-year election. Voter turnout is generally low. Whatever the reason for not voting in the past, I encourage everyone to join me in voting on Nov. 5.  Vote Sandra Harrison for prothonotary. She will serve York with integrity, fiscal responsibility, passion and compassion.