LETTER: View Keuerleber's whole record

Don O'Shell
Springettsbury Township
York County Sheriff Rich Keuerleber, left, greeted Ron Sisto, of Dover Township, outside of their polling location during Primary Election Day at Dover Township Community Center in Dover Township, Tuesday, May 21, 2019. Dawn J. Sagert photo

I am proud to support my friend Rich Keuerleber for re-election as our York County sheriff.  For 15 plus years I served alongside Sheriff Keuerleber, first when he was assistant chief deputy to former Sheriff Bill Hose and then as York County's elected sheriff while I served across the hall as York County Clerk of Courts.

Sheriff Keuerleber actively supported our enforcement efforts to collect overdue costs, fines and restitution from criminal defendants by providing extra security in cost-contempt proceedings before Judges Blackwell, Kennedy, Fawcett and Trebilcock, and he prioritized warrants for defendants who failed to appear for their hearings. Sheriff Keuerleber's actions directly contributed to collections growing from $4 million to over $11 million annually.

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On a personal note, I was continually amazed at Sheriff Keuerleber's ability to maintain his focus and remain engaged though members of his immediate family battled serious health and other life challenges. Rich understood public service is a privilege and one he never took for granted despite such understandable distractions.

Rich Keuerleber is a man of integrity.  He, like all of us, makes the occasional misstep. None of us are perfect. However those in public life often find that political opponents and opportunists play upon an admitted mistake, ignoring a vast record of success in serving the courts and the county.

I choose to view the whole record and the whole person and will gladly cast my vote for Sheriff Keuerleber on Tuesday, Nov. 5.