LETTER: Elect 'Sheriff Shane' in November

Chris Herig
Spring Garden Township
Shane Becker, (R) candidate for York County Sheriff, takes part in the York Stands Up bipartisan countywide candidates forum in the Weinstock Lecture Hall inside the Willman Business Center at York College, Monday, May 6, 2019.
John A. Pavoncello photo

High turnover in the sheriff’s office is costly: Replacing an employee costs at least 25% of the employee’s salary. Overtime, recruitment, screening and training are part of this. Lost productivity of the newbie is another big piece. In the sheriff’s department, it’s also a safety issue.  

Shane Becker proposes to restore the Criminal Response Unit and develop a Sheriff Assistance Program for rural areas. His security experience overseas is an obvious asset for evolving threats.  

Restoring the CRU makes sense for both economic and public safety reasons. The CRU collects millions in fines owed to York County. More revenue for York County from varied streams is the prudent course.

Not having the CRU may well result in lost grant opportunities. These could be substantial and long-lived. It’s absence limits opportunities for deputies, which decreases morale and increases turnover.

No CRU results in decreased liaison with other agencies. While inter-agency cooperation may not get much media attention, it is crucial for big problems such as disasters, special events and key investigations. A viable Criminal Response Unit enhances liaison.

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Capturing dangerous criminals is critical. Hardened criminals are a serious public safety concern and one that may be growing with younger gang members and older criminals who “work” longer.

The proposed Sheriff Assistance Program helps catch criminals and aids rural county areas. This is necessary now and may become more so. Lapses in local police coverage due to departmental reorganization and state police retirements are realities.  

Securing the environment of county property is crucial. The rapidly evolving threat dynamic of mass violence, terrorism, cyberattacks and severe weather events all require a solid physical security program.

Elect “Sheriff Shane.”