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OP-ED: Hynes: Neither candidate qualified to be York County sheriff

Bill Hynes
York City
United Fiber CEO and Founder Bill Hynes announces the 400-mile network running from New York to Virginia, passing through York, is almost complete at a Thursday, Nov. 15 meeting. (Photo by Rebecca Klar)

Indeed, I did try to donate to Shane Becker’s campaign for York County sheriff, and they did return the donation. I have never donated to or have been asked to donate to the current sheriff.  

Sheriff Rich Keuerleber has only ever asked me to donate the funds for K9 Dargo, to benefit the safety and security of the residents of York County.  

I wanted to support Shane Becker, because I didn’t like the way the current sheriff handled the situation regarding my entrance into the courthouse.

A public figure such as that should have no problem speaking to the press and giving them the facts. Instead, he came across with an “I’ll do what I want” mentality and seemed offended his authority was even questioned. That is not a position for someone with an ego or someone who isn’t interested in being forthcoming.  

If he had just told the truth he wouldn’t be in the situation he is in today.   

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Due to the crazy allegations I was facing, the sheriff decided that it was a good idea to keep both parties of that civil matter separate. He didn’t want both of us going into the same entrance in hopes to avoid any contact between the two parties. 

Because of those allegations, I was made to go through even more screening than any other person who would go through the front door. 

He also knew the plaintiff, so he had a great familiarity with both parties.   

Furthermore, upon entering the back door, I was patted down, made to leave my phone inside my car and was asked to hand over the keys to my vehicle.

I was then taken into a room and had an officer that I had never met and a K9 that I had never met walk around me and “sniff” me. This was in addition to having Dargo also check me out.  

I was then escorted around the courthouse by an armed deputy. I asked the sheriff why the fuss, and he said, “Well, Bill you have some serious allegations against you and I have to make sure that the plaintiff and defendant are safe." 

People who come through the front door don’t have their car keys taken from them and are not sniffed by two dogs and then individually escorted by an armed deputy. 

I tried to support Shane Becker because, through his campaign, he said he is going to be a sheriff “for all the people of York County." I guess he should put in a disclaimer of, I’m for all the people of York County that’s never made a mistake in their life.

Instead, he, too, has proven he is partial and rather have one side of the story. He has proven he won’t be a candidate for all the people.

In my opinion, both candidates are not qualified to do the job.

I also think that this position should not be an elected one. There are many deserving fine men and woman in the York County law enforcement community that are deserving of the job based on their careers. You wouldn’t pick the chief of police this way. Why the sheriff? Something needs to change. 

Regardless of this recent drama, I remain committed to the York community and will continue to do my best to help reverse economic inequalities, to create and attract good-paying jobs to this county and the people that deserve them.