LETTER: You might not be into politics ...

Blade Kline
A New Voting Systems Expo hosted by the Pennsylvania Department of State took place at Dickinson College Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2018. Pennsylvania counties are preparing to replace voting machines after Gov. Tom Wolf in April mandated that voting machines used in the state have a verifiable paper trail. Bill Kalina photo

A professor once told my freshman Political Science class, “You may not be into politics, but politics is into you.” I think of Dr. Kulbiki’s statement often, particularly when residents tell me that their vote doesn’t matter or, perhaps worse, when they say they don’t vote in an “off-year” election.

Well this November is one of those pesky “off-year” elections where York countians will elect our county commissioners, row officers, and a Court of Common Pleas judge, not to mention down ticket races like township supervisor, borough council and school director. In short, this is no “off-year” election as these offices have more of an impact on your daily life than any statewide or national office.

Our commissioners set the budget for the county – that’s your tax dollars at stake. Row officers (treasurer, clerk of courts, prothonotary, sheriff and register of wills) make sure various county offices run smoothly and provide countless services to county residents.

Our judges are the men and women you appear before during any civil or criminal case. And, of course, your municipal supervisors, councils and school directors govern your local community and set the pace for educating our children – the latter being no small feat.

This November, you can elect a group of dedicated, community-driven individuals to several of these critical offices. That is why I encourage you to vote Higgins and Hoke for commissioner, Supler for treasurer, Duckworth for clerk of courts, Harrison for prothonotary, Nicholson for register of wills, and Thompson for Judge. Remember that you may not be into politics, but politics is into you – especially at the most local level. Make a difference. Vote.

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