LETTER: Duckworth for York County Clerk of Courts

Beth Smith
York County
York County Clerk of Courts candidate Stacey Duckworth talks with a visitor during a petition-signing drive at Holy Hound Taproom in York City Tuesday, March 5, 2019. It is Democrat Duckworth's first run for public office. Bill Kalina photo

As a lifelong Republican and also a proud Desert Storm veteran, I do not vote straight red. I vote for the person who will increase the value of my community. That is why I plan to vote for the Democrat running for York County Clerk of Courts, Stacey Duckworth, this coming November.

I have known Stacey personally and professionally for 15 years. As a mom and grandmother, I know that balance is required to maintain a good home life, and Stacey knocks balance off its tilt. Stacey works a full-time job in health care, a part-time job as president of a nonprofit bringing holistic awareness to the York, Lancaster and Harrisburg areas, is an active roller derby queen and on top of this list she is a mom to two children.

That is balance with a cherry on top in my opinion.

I know Stacey will continue on her journey to improve our country for the future of our children because she already displays that in her actions, and this Republican is tired of talk. I will vote for Stacey Duckworth because she is a hard-working person of action.

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