LETTER: 'Frustrated, angry' with REAL ID process

Judy D. Givens
West Manchester Township
In this Wednesday, May 27, 2015, file photo, an American Airlines jet taxis to the gate at Miami International Airport, in Miami.

I think it's about time someone informs drivers in Pennsylvania about the "reality" of the REAL ID. 

On the state website it tells you what is required for the new ID. On Tuesday,Aug. 29,  I had exactly everything that was required. After sitting 2½ hours at the DMV they finally called my number. It took exactly 15 seconds for the woman to tell me my Social Security card was invalid. I said how can my Social Security card not be valid; it is original and was issued to me in 1964. Her response was you need to go to the Social Security office and get a "valid card."

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The website does not tell you there is such a thing as an "invalid" Social Security card. I immediately drove to my state representative and U.S. congressman's office (state Rep. Seth Grove and U.S. Rep. Scott Perry) and explained the situation. They were appalled and could not believe what they were hearing. I explained to them that being a self-employed person, time is money. Now I need to go to Social Security office and get a "valid" card and wait probably another 2 hours, plus possibly weeks for the card to arrive.

This is unacceptable for any Pennsylvania taxpayer. I am frustrated and angry. I'm also trying to get the word out as to what is happening when you sit for hours to no avail. I understand the Social Security office has many unhappy people who were told the same.