LETTER: Where's the 'fix' in latest property tax plan?

Harry Becker
North Codorus Township
State Rep. Frank Ryan

In reference to The York Dispatch article “Seeking a property tax fix”:

I do not see a fix in this plan. I see a transfer from tax on my property to tax on my retirement income.

I have been paying property school taxes since I bought my first house in 1973. That was 46 years ago. I would like to note that my children have been out of school for 28 years. The Pennsylvania Legislature has been talking about tax reform for at least 20 years with no meaningful progress. Now they want to eliminate property tax and replace it with a retirement income tax (4.92%) and a 2% local sales tax.

So if approved, I will pay almost 5% tax on my retirement income plus 2% sales tax on darn near everything I buy for the rest of my life. So, they are going to take it out of my right pocket instead of my left pocket.

The Legislature wants to saddle the retired population of Pennsylvania with the lion’s share of school funding. We have already paid more than our share for many years as property owners. What I see is a combined tax to seniors of 6.92%. Where is the property tax” fix” in all of this?

I understand the need to fund our schools. A good education is the cornerstone for a successful life. I understand that everyone should help bear the expense. But let’s make it fair.

I would propose an appropriate sales tax and a luxury tax on high-priced items. That way everybody helps fund our schools. Even drug dealers have to pay sales tax on the things they buy. Everyone would help fund our schools.

Don’t saddle seniors with the bulk of school funding when they have already paid, as in my case, for 46 years.

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