LETTER: Latest property tax plan defeats purpose of relief

George Herman
Conewago Township
State Rep. Frank Ryan

School property taxes do need to be eliminated. The endless discussion and previous schemes have produced no positive solutions. Senior citizens are among those most in need of property tax relief.

There is a proposed House bill that needs to be closely scrutinized. State Rep. Frank Ryan intends to introduce House Bill 13, which would eliminate school property taxes, thus enabling senior citizens to purchase needed medicine, proper food, other necessities and improve their quality of life in general. 

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Then, he would tax the hell out of a senior citizen's pension, which would take them back to being unable to purchase needed medicine, proper food, other necessities and would also reduce their quality of life. 

Did Rep. Ryan have a brain malfunction or is that his normal level of thought?  He wants some of that tax money to go into the state's general fund. We all know what happens to money going into the state's general fund. Zip. He says landlords will be required to pass the savings along to renters. Dream on, Rep. Ryan. Get real Ryan. A tax on pensions defeats one of the main reasons for property tax elimination.