LETTER: Shameful record on climate

Lynn Goldfarb
Manheim Township
This Sept. 22, 2018 file photo shows the Baishui Glacier No.1 on the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the southern province of Yunnan in China. Scientists say it is one of the fastest melting glaciers in the world due to climate change and its relative proximity to the Equator. It has lost 60 percent of its mass and shrunk 250 meters since 1982. (AP Photo/Sam McNeil)

The July 25 letter “Thankful DePasquale is taking on climate change denier” points out that Rep. Scott Perry “has not voted one single time for the climate in the 6 years he’s been in office. That is pathetic.” Lancaster’s Rep. Smucker has the same shameful record.

The really crazy part about the climate crisis is that clean energy — the solution to global warming — with storage and without subsidies, is now cheaper than any fossil fuel, worldwide, and their prices drop substantially every year.

Scaled up nationally, solar and wind power will be “essentially free” by 2030.

We have a way to do that and it won’t cost us anything.

A new, detailed version of the Green New Deal’s energy plan shows it will more than pay for itself with two-thirds of the money coming from private investment and the other third of the cost will be vastly counterbalanced by a $500 billion annual increase in US GDP and over 8 million high-wage, local, permanent (40-year) green jobs.

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The GOP is standing in the way of the greatest economic opportunity of the 21st century while ignoring the fact that further delay in transitioning to solar and wind will cause climate disasters costing the U.S. economy over $160 trillion.

Climate change has already cost American taxpayers $1.6 trillion, recently escalating to hundreds of billions in damage in the U.S. every year.

Carbon pollution from burning fossil fuels kills over 9 million annually, over 200,000 of them Americans, costing us over $800 billion every year in medical bills.

Much worse, without GND-scale emissions cuts now, climate change disasters will cause “global economic collapse” followed by “societal collapse.”