LETTER: Congressman Smucker should clarify his statement

Scott Orange
East Hempfield
Congressman Lloyd Smucker visits the new Bailey Coach headquarters on Route 116 in Spring Grove, Thursday, May 29, 2019.
John A. Pavoncello photo

Congressman Lloyd Smucker's recent statement in the wake of President Trump's latest ugly racist comments demands clarification.

It reads in its entirety: "Sometimes I disagree with my colleagues in the House on policy, especially the Democrat majority’s veer towards socialism and recent left-wing approach on national security, immigration and health care. These debates are an intended function of Congress. However, racially motivated statements or behavior is totally unacceptable and unbecoming of our great nation."

Because he mentioned House Democrats specifically, he appears to be criticizing them for making "racially motivating statements." Is he really chiding House Democrats for responding to a president who told four members of Congress (all non-white women) they could go back to the countries they came from (three of whom were born in the U.S.), that "they hate America" and "if they don't like it they can leave"?

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If that is the case, Congressman Smucker has reached a new low in serving the people of Lancaster and York counties, just like the president has for our nation.

If Congressman Smucker was, in fact, referring to the president, than he should do so directly so there is no confusion. While Mr. Smucker is right that Congress can and does disagree, there should be no disagreement this president's latest racist tirade is reprehensible to all.