LETTER: 'Helfrich Haters' can't accept he won

David Wolf
York City
CASA AmerCorps members are honored as National Recognition of Service Day is proclaimed by York City Mayor Michael Helfrich for at CASA's York Welcome Center in York City, Tuesday, April 2, 2019. Dawn J. Sagert photo

In a recently published letter, I was surprised to see that The York Dispatch chose to publish the names of signatories in a bold uppercase font. Why? Hopefully just to fill space. 

Why weren't the names of non-full-time York City residents omitted? Those people are irrelevant to the subject content of the letter. That's like you or I complaining about an election in Pittsburgh. 

When you eliminate these few you'll notice from past newspaper stories that most of the rest are the Helfrich Haters who wanted to overturn the mayor election. Some of these individuals I've personally known over the years. They are a group who can't accept the fact that their candidate, Kim Bracey, was defeated in the election. They will continue to pout and stomp their feet like little children because they didn't get their way.  

And with some I know it's a racial issue.

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