LETTER: Tell legislators to protect our drinking water

Justin Snyder
The York Water Company files a rate request with the state Public Utility Commission. (Amanda J. Cain)

After the devastating events in Flint, Michigan, there have been concerns nationwide about the safety of our water. Aging infrastructure increases the risk of contaminating water in major cities, including in York County. Democrats and Republicans have not seen eye to eye on many issues, but there is bipartisan support for a bill that will require testing of lead levels in school drinking water and demand immediate action for positive results.

This bill, known as House Bill 930, looks towards enacting the three T’s: Test, Tell and Treat. By testing water for lead, informing communities of the results, and treating contaminated water either by replacing pipes, or just providing filters, we can improve the health of our youth and future generations.

A recent report showed that Pennsylvania is the No. 1 state in the nation in elevated levels of lead in drinking water. In order to get the bill passed, we need state Reps. Carol Hill-Evans and Mike Jones to be leaders by cosponsoring the effort to protect our children’s health.

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