LETTER: Write name if you don't see it on ballot

Ryan Supler
Chanceford Township
Ryan Supler is running for York County Treasurer.

My name is Ryan Supler, I'm running for the Office of York County Treasurer. I'm sure some of you are aware there is an election quickly approaching. Sadly, this May 21 election is only for Democrats, Republicans, and those who live in the Hanover area. I want to work with everyone, and join forces with all of our townships, boroughs and city, for a bold future while celebrating a proud past.

I, too, found it disappointing that the leadership of the York Republican Party took the time to endorse candidates for the primary election. We shouldn't fear democracy; we should rejoice in the beauty for which our grandfathers served. Both of my grandfathers served, one Army and the other Navy.

I, too, heard the call to serve from the 9/11 siren. When I was old enough to join, I was medically disqualified due to my asthma. Instead, I went to college and universities, graduating with three degrees. I now work for a company here in York County that strives to be socially responsible.

I just want folks to know that if you don't see my name on the ballot, go ahead and write Ryan Supler for York County treasurer. Tell your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers. You are all my people, and I am yours. Thank you.

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