My campaign is one that will take a message of hope, growth and opportunity to all the people of York. We are going to carry the word to every man, woman, and child of every color and background. It is time that we elect leaders who dare to dream, who have and implement a vision that provides opportunities that guarantees all of us can achieve our version of the American Dream.

I am running for City Council because I want to provide superior ideas, principled leadership, and a compelling cause. Our generation, and everyone who follows, faces a choice - hope or despair. We must be forward thinking and embrace the possibilities, and truly imagine what is possible.

Today, we are in a period of great economic activity, innovation, developments in technology, and entrepreneurial adventures. Sadly, we have not seen the full effect in York. Yet, we have before us a tomorrow where possibilities are endless. We must elect leaders who have the vision and desire to work with you to co-create the solutions that will allow all the people of York to be healthy and safe, have better relationships with your families and the community, to achieve upward mobility with sustainable and good-paying jobs, that you are able to put your kids through school and college, that you have adequate housing, and that you can enjoy precious moments with your loved ones.

Together, let’s build a York that works for everyone. Let’s ensure that the decisions we make today help all the citizens of York. Let’s leave a legacy that transcends generations. My commitment to you is that I will lead by example. I will dream with you what is possible and together we will achieve amazing things for York. My name is Lou Rivera and I humbly ask for your vote.

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