LETTER: Higgins for York County Commissioner

Deborah Yonick Kalina
Codorus Township
Judith Higgins, a former Democratic candidate for state senate, is running for the York County Board of Commissioners.

I want Judith Higgins representing me on the Board of Commissioners for York County.

I volunteered in Judy’s campaign last year for state Senate District 28, which included a good portion of York County. I came to know Judy and was impressed with her professional background, moved by her life experiences, excited by her ideas and insights, reassured by her ability to listen, and uplifted by her talent to bring people together to get things done. I was one of the many people who encouraged her to run for county commissioner.
Professionally, Judy’s experience and education is in business management, human resources, public administration and policy, adult education, and workforce development. She is also an educator, a small business owner, a 13-year veteran of the Air National Guard, and former school board member serving Eastern School District for 17 years.
Judy learned a lot about York County in her run for state Senate that makes her supremely qualified to serve, bringing the voices of the people she has talked to and continues to speak and work with throughout the community. She has proven in her service time and again that she shows up and gets the job done.
She knows how to listen, how to lead and how to solve problems. She knows how to work across the aisle and how to advocate for all. She looks at things holistically and is forward-thinking. She’s a “we” person, not a “me” person. Collaborative and compassionate, she is always looking for how to create opportunities. Her entire life has been one of service to uplift, educate and empower people to succeed.
I encourage York County to join me in voting for Judith Higgins May 21 for York County Commissioner. She is the servant leader York County needs.

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