LETTER: Vote for Tate if you can

Joan M. Maruskin
New Freedom

I am writing to endorse Bryan Tate for the York County Register of Wills.

This is a vote for the best candidate, not because of his political affiliation. We belong to different political parties. However, I first met Bryan when he staffed then-Congressman Todd Platts's York office. At the time, I was a CWS immigration advocate on Capital Hill and worked with congressional staffers across the country. Bryan's professionalism and interpersonal skill were and continue to be outstanding. I never doubted that although I was contacting him from with a very often opposing political opinion from the congressman, I was greeted and treated as a valuable constitiuent, whose opinion was respected, accepted and forwarded for consideration.

Almost 15 years later, I have had the privilege of knowing Bryan and seeing the positive effect he has had on the York community He has the skills politically,  mathematically, and interpersonally, to be a fantastic public servant and outstanding representative of York.

I cannot vote for Bryan in the primary; however, I urge those who can to do so. I do plan on voting for Bryan in November.

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