LETTER: Time to elect business-savvy woman in Wheeler

Jeffrey A. Gay
Springettsbury Township
Julie Wheeler, a businesswoman and Republican committeewoman from Windsor Township, is running for the York County Board of Commissioners.

I have had the privilege to know Julie Wheeler for many years. She has a great business background with a take-charge attitude but an amazing willingness to listen to everyone's point of view to build consensus before pressing forward.

These are characteristics of leadership, and I believe Julie's life and philosophy exemplify the term "leadership." This is why I am voting for her for York County Commissioner on May 21.

We have had county commissioners serve in York County for more than 200 years, yet we have had only four women ever serve as a York County Commissioner. The issues that face York County are complex and deserve a woman's perspective for a least one of the three county commissioner positions. I believe that this is the time to elect a business-savvy woman in Julie Wheeler with a deep understanding of government to represent all York County residents in the role of county commissioner.

I believe Julie will make the people of York County proud to say, "She is my commissioner."

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