On May 21 I will be voting for Lou Rivera for York City Council. I not only find Lou to be highly qualified, I believe he will be someone to work diligently to unite the community and not only be a much needed voice for the Hispanic community but a voice for all voiceless people.

On May 21 I will have three votes for City Council, and the choice has become difficult for me as the other candidates are a team. I find this perplexing, as if replacing one with a much needed Hispanic representative of the community would all of a sudden cause the council to be dysfunctional.

I also find it perplexing when 33% of the community is Hispanic and we have an opportunity to elect a highly qualified member of the Hispanic community, the team of candidates does not see the need for all our community to have representation.

Sixteen months ago I saw Lou Rivera intelligently and enthusiastically interview for City Council. I believe an opportunity was missed. On May 21 I hope we don't miss another opportunity. I ask everyone to consider Lou Rivera. I will be casting my vote for him.

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