LETTER: Dan Byrnes' 'sense of duty ... unshakable'

Michelle Siewert
Springettsbury Township
Combat veteran and York County native Dan Byrnes, 38, of Dallastown, is running for York County Clerk of Courts.

There is no one finer to fill the Clerk of Courts position than Dan Byrnes. Humble. Wholehearted in everything he does. Dedicated. Decisive. Diligent. Courageous. Resilient. A man who further embodies selfless sacrifice, grit and public service as he moves into a new season of life.

Our family has known and had great affection for Dan since he was in grade school. What has remained notable and consistent throughout his adult years are the very solid values he was raised with and the unrelenting desire to “live a life of purpose beyond himself." His sense of duty to self and others is loyal and unshakable.

Dan’s life has been marked by experiences and transition points that few of us could know or fully appreciate. Each one has further highlighted and deepened his character and prepared him well for this awaiting leadership role.

Please vote Dan Byrnes on May 21 and help this very worthy and talented human being fulfill his next great mission within the community he loves so dearly.

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