LETTER: Chronister's resume wouldn't get him an interview with a private business

Marg Gotwald
Springettsbury Township
Former York County Commissioner Steve Chronister.

The recent op-ed in The York Dispatch that disparaged Steve Chronister as the face of the Republican Party in York County gave several reasons for that assessment: his racist confrontation with five black women at his family's golf course, $1.8 million in judgments, unpaid taxes liens, a foreclosed home, and multiple failed businesses. If he were applying for a job to run a company, his resume would not get him in the door. So, why would York countians vote for him for one of our three county commissioners? The obvious answer is they shouldn't.  

But York County Republicans have a history of voting for an individual who has been accused of racism; who uses incendiary language about the brown immigrants from our southern border, calling them rapists, murderers and thugs; who said that white nationalists in Charlottesville are very fine people; who declared Chapter 11 six times to avoid bankruptcy while regrouping enabled him to pay his vendors pennies on the dollar; a man who openly talked about grabbing a women in a place that normally would get him arrested; who bragged about visiting unclothed teenage girls in the dressing room of a beauty pageant that he owned; a man who either exaggerated or underestimated the value of his property, to either prop up his net worth to facilitate a loan or avoid paying taxes owed.

I am not naming Individual 1, but suffice it to say, York countians loved him enough to give him two-thirds of the vote to put him in charge or running this country, and we now have record deficits which eventually will fall on Democrats to "fix" until the whole stupid cycle begins again. 

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