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LETTER: Vote out incumbents like Reilly

Samantha Fullam
FILE - In this July 14, 2018, file photo, computer mouse pads with Secure the Vote logo on them are seen on a vendor's table at a convention of state secretaries of state in Philadelphia.

The York County Commissioner race is crowded this year, for good reason. York deserves commissioners who utilize our hard-earned taxpayer dollars for the public good.

Last year, Pleasant Acres Nursing Home was privatized and touted as a way to save taxpayer money and reduce the financial burden. This occurred despite the outcry of hundreds of local citizens. Also last year, funding was cut to our library system in York County.

Year after year taxes stay the same or, even worse, go up for York residents. In 2015, the tax rate was 4.52 mill. In 2016, it went up to 5.16 mill. Then again in 2017, our taxes were increased to 5.8 mill.

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I see our local taxes as an investment into our community, and when there are no investments being made, I question why the tax rate continues to be hiked. Taxes exist for the good of the public, and cutting funding to the library system and privatizing our county nursing home does no good.

This year when you cast your vote for York County Commissioner, I urge you to vote for candidates who have the interests of the public at the forefront of their minds. I urge you to vote candidates like Chris Reilly, who only has his own personal interests in mind, out of office.