LETTER: Remembering Mattie Chapman

Drusilla L. Hall
York City

In February officials placed a plaque at the Judicial Center in honor of former Prothonotary Mattie Chapman, the first African-American elected to a county-wide office.

My mother Doris Sweeney remembers advice Mattie Chapman gave her on the election night my mother was a candidate for York City School Board director. Mattie said to her, “Doris, until the last vote is counted, you have a chance.” Later that evening Doris Sweeney found out she had won the election. She served two terms on the York City School Board from 1977 to 1987.

While on the school board, my mother fought to have school job opening notices sent to churches, Crispus Attucks Center, Community Progress Council and the Spanish Center.

Doris Sweeney remembers Mattie Chapman as a lovely woman, the same every time you met her.

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