While the right to vote has been given to Americans regardless of race, religion, gender, status and a host of other labels, it is not a private and independent vote for all Americans.

While physical accessibility remains an issue at many polling places, that is not the biggest voting issue facing the community of persons with a disability. Training, or shall we say lack of training, given to poll workers for any type of accommodation is a big issue.

In 2019, all 67 counties in our state will be getting new updated voting machines. New machines mean better technology and accessibility and new training. Please, don’t disregard topics such as turning on audio features, changing the print size, locating jacks and connecting headphones, adjusting the height or keyboard/pad connectivity and use.

Let’s make 2019 the year of new modern voting, and change, “We want” to “We have” for Pennsylvanian voters with disabilities.

For more information on new machines or to register to vote, please contact your local board of elections. For assistance with registering to vote, please contact Center for Independent Living Opportunities at or call 717-849-0991. Ask for Eric Orr or staff assigned to voter assistance issues.

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