LETTER: North Codorus leaders need to be transparent on police issue

Emily LeVault
North Codorus Township

A letter to the North Codorus Township Board of Supervisors:

Dear Mr. Brenneman, Mr. Luckenbaugh, and Mr. Shearer:

The residents of North Codorus Township feel there has been a lack of transparency throughout North Codorus Township police decision process.

Since there were numerous questions that went unanswered at the February and March meetings we have gathered them here. This is an issue that concerns the well-being of all our residents as well as our peace of mind — not just a line item on a budget. As such it requires transparency throughout the entire decision-making process and consideration well beyond an actuarial study.

Since the Intent to Withdraw letter was published without any evidence of the supervisors having done their due diligence, this information must be made public now.

These are not presented in order to support one side or the other, but rather to promote transparency so that the constituency you are representing can develop an informed opinion.

Signs supporting the service of Southwestern Regional Police appear along a road in Stoverstown Tuesday, March 19, 2019. In October, supervisors submitted their intent to abandon the service of the by the end of 2019, citing rising costs as the reason behind the departure. Bill Kalina photo

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1. Please provide information on the coverage and response times proposed by West Manchester Regional Police Department, Northern Regional Police Department and the Pennsylvania State Police. The savings have been detailed but not what we would receive in services from the departments.

2. How much coverage has the $13,217,841 spent since 2002 provided us? This information is an integral part of comparing apples to apples as we review the cost and coverage provided by whichever department might come next.

3. Please provide the reasoning for paying the forfeiture fee (estimated to be near $1 million dollars) instead of making a decision at the end of the Articles of Agreement with the Southwestern Regional Police Department.

4. During the March 19 meeting two supervisors spoke of "knowing some things the community doesn't know." These comments were noted by several residents. As the meeting minutes have yet to be published, we cannot specifically reference the comments. However, the constituency has a right to know: What are the unknown factors that have not been disclosed but are an important part of making this decision?

We are sincerely looking forward to a clear and detailed response from the North Codorus Township Board of Supervisors. If you are unable to inform your constituency perhaps it is time to step down and allow community members who will have an open dialogue and truly represent the will of the public take your place.   


Emily LeVault

North Codorus Township