LETTER: Fight Trump's proposed library funding cuts

Donelle Raffensberger
Manuel Gomes of York City works in the public computer area at Martin Library in York City Thursday, October 18, 2018. The library was named "Library of the Year" at the Pennsylvania Library Association Annual Conference. Statewide nominations were considered with Martin chosen as the first library in Pennsylvania to earn the award. Bill Kalina photo

Thank you for printing the Friday, March 29, op-ed by Rachel Kramer Bussel of The Philadelphia Inquirer on library funding.

I have been a library volunteer for 18 years at the Kaltreider-Benfer Library in Red Lion, and our library is a vibrant member of the Dallastown-Red Lion Area. Every day I volunteer, the computers are actively servicing patrons who don’t have internet access, men and women of all races and classes check out and return materials from a network of libraries across the county and beyond, and people of all ages participate in the many educational classes the library has to offer.

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Why the president wants to cut federal support for such beloved programs is beyond me when we have already funded billions for a border wall, and, through the so-called national emergency, will fund billions more. No doubt, the York County government will follow suit so that we can fund the morgue without raising taxes. After all, last year the county government cut library funding by $300,000 to help fight the opioid epidemic.

Such cuts have resulted in a reduction of the library’s outlay for new books and other programs. At Kaltreider-Benfer, our new book shelves were reduced by one set of stacks, and the stack that remains is sparsely populated. Library hours have been cut at many county locations.

I hope that Rep. Lloyd Smucker, Sen. Bob Casey and Sen. Patrick Toomey vote against this proposed cut in library funding. If anything, a popular program like the library should be supported, not undercut.