LETTER: Corporate welfare not just for energy sector

Jessica Barnett
A military aircraft flies near the Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station viewed from the borough of Royalton, Dauphin County, Friday, March 15, 2019. The plant's Unit 2 reactors have been shut down since the March 28,1979, partial meltdown. Bill Kalina photo

Thank you for having the courage to weigh in on the energy subsidies debate—and offering a perspective few are willing to endorse — in “Time’s up for corporate welfare, Exelon.”

You’re right: Pennsylvanians shouldn’t be fooled by nuclear energy companies asking for $500 million in handouts to create “green jobs.” But this isn’t just a problem in the energy sector.

Pennsylvania’s subsidies for horse racing, sports stadiums, film companies and huge commercial enterprises like Amazon has made us the No. 1 state in the country for corporate welfare. Taxpayers send more than $250 million every year to the horse racing industry alone.

We’re spending almost a billion dollars a year just chumming the waters for some big fish whose promises of job creation rarely materialize.

We’re all happy to bring jobs into our state but paying off big business isn’t the way. Instead, we could enact state tax reform that lowers the burden for all job creators — so businesses want to set up shop here without a bribe.

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