LETTER: York Dispatch keeps readers informed

Donelle Raffensberger
In this file photo, from left, York County Solicitor Glenn Smith, Susquehanna Group Advisors Managing Director Jay Wenger, York County President Commissioner Susan Byrnes, and Commissioners Chris Reilly and Doug Hoke, look on as more than 150 York County residents attend a town hall meeting to voice their concerns regarding the possible sale of the county-owned nursing home.

I just wanted to write a note of thanks for The York Dispatch and the York Daily Record for their excellence in journalism, for without these publications it would be impossible to stay informed about the local news.

A few months ago, my mother called me outraged that Pleasant Acres, the York County home for seniors, had been sold. I asked her if she read the local paper, because that was an issue in 2017 — not 2019. If she had read the local paper, perhaps she would have known that the Republican county commissioners that she voted into office voted for that issue, and that Doug Hoke, the lone Democrat on the board, voted against it.

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As a result of cancelling her subscription because the local supermarket no longer advertised in the paper, she was sadly uninformed about the closure and misinformed about how her elected officials voted.

Without The York Dispatch, I would  have been kept in the dark, too.

So thank you for all of your good work, York Dispatch and Daily Record.