LETTER: Why won't you help powerline opponents, Gov. Wolf?

Deborah Macklin and Dolores Krick
Citizens to STOPTransource
The York County Farm Bureau hosts York County farmers and landowners who live near the proposed Transource Independence high energy power line during a meeting at the Airville Volunteer Fire Company in Airville, Thursday, Aug. 24, 2017. Dawn J. Sagert photo

As part of a growing group of community and landowners still fighting the proposed, redundant, high-tension powerline project proposed by Transource, we’re asking, “Why won’t you help us, Gov. Tom Wolf?”

As you know, this project is being proposed to slice across preserved farms, personal properties, pick-your-own-farms and private homes in southern York and Franklin counties.

This project shows no benefits to your Pennsylvania residents. This project, if approved, will increase Pennsylvania electric bills for every customer. The Pennsylvania Consumer Advocate estimates rates will increase by $367 million over the next 15 years for you and every citizen who pays for electric. Why won’t you help us now, Gov. Wolf?

You’ve been made aware of this proposal; we’re just being told you’re “keeping an eye on it.” You have roots in York County (Mount Wolf) so you know the heritage and importance of family businesses and keeping our lands for agricultural use for generations to come. Why won’t you help us now, Gov. Wolf?

It’s a market efficiency project, not a reliability project; it’s not needed. No consideration has been given to use existing power lines that are either unutilized or unused. Why won’t you help us now, Gov. Wolf?
Maryland Gov. Tom Hogan and Maryland state agencies have made a motion to dismiss this entire project. Why won’t you help us now, Gov. Wolf?

Recently, Transource’s employees were staking our properties for access points. Next, Transource is planning to bore holes using large pieces of equipment through our fields, crops, and properties. Why won’t you help us now, Gov. Wolf?
We asked numerous times for your involvement. We’re asking for your support. We’re asking for your immediate attention to help your constituents and make a motion to dismiss this entire case to the PUC. Will you help us now, Gov. Wolf?

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