For years I said that there were more security officers killed in the line of duty than police. I had no data, but I knew that there are three to four times as many security officers than police. Now there’s some data: Roughly 50 police officers are murdered in the line of duty each year, as are about 70 security officers.

This brings up security officers’ involvement use of deadly. A recent post by reveals that two days into 2019, U.S, security officers were involved in 30 lethal force situations.

Clearly we need more data on uses of force by security folks.  

And we need to recognize and examine the security industry. In 1992 I wrote a piece in Security Management calling security officers the “Forgotten Soldiers of the Invisible Empire” within criminal justice. It seems not much has changed.

Security officers are on the front lines. They are a key part of Homeland Security. They prevent countless tragedies, yet they get ridicule rather than recognition. Let’s put our prejudice aside and see them for what they are. Learn about and respect these needed “soldiers."

Chris Hertig

Spring Garden Township

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