The York Dispatch’s editorial “Wishes for a new, better year” highlighted the need to combat climate change while battling an administration that seems to want to destroy the environment.

In keeping with the spirit of New Year’s resolutions I would encourage Reps. Scott Perry and Lloyd Smucker to make it a goal to help pass The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. 

Very similar to the carbon fee and dividend proposed by Citizens’ Climate Lobby, this bill seeks to reduce carbon emissions while returning revenue to American households. The bill has already received bipartisan support and was cosponsored by Pennsylvania’s own Brian Fitzpatrick. It will create jobs in clean energy and improve the health of Americans by reducing pollution.

President Trump might not care about fighting climate change, but many York County residents do.  It’s time for our re-elected representatives to set an example and be leaders in the climate change war. They can start by resolving to pass The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.

Tracy Myers


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