OPED: Keep 'The Party of Women' at bay

Joe Brillhart
York Township
Thousands of people gather to participate in the Women's March on Washington, D.C Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017. Amanda J. Cain photo

As a boy and young man my party's political heroes were Truman and Kennedy. The Democrat Party reflected hard work, the rule of law, a strong dose of blue collar common sense, an emphasis on traditional family values, vigorous educational pursuit, and an assumption of respect for all the women you knew or met.

Today Harry and Jack would be bewildered at best. They would find their precious political platform has somehow been slyly and deftly hijacked by the covert hard left, and hideously metamorphosed into what might most charitably be tagged The Party of Women.

How else could they explain the sole and fanatical tunnel-vision devotion to "women's rights" and the party's chief spokespeople being ranting, raucous, finger-pointing, in-your-face disciples of the smear, feminist fanatics who most recently seem bent on refining the techniques of hearing disruption as well as the restaurant and elevator ambush?

And what would Harry and Jack make of their party's growing, highly visible and no longer fringe, storm trooper element? You know the ones. Loud and annoying with pink hair, eye-ear-nose-throat and probably more piercings, proudly wearing vagina hats to make them more noticeable in the crowd so that their new disruptive point du jour, whatever it is, can be foisted on you.

While quite useful to their big-picture goals, this nutso element is curiously also recognized by the party as the crazy aunt who absolutely needs to be sequestered and out of sight from the electoral process. Notice the new emphasis on carefully trotting out disingenuous candidates who are often veterans and "moderates," who purportedly can "work across the aisle," including even men who shave and cut their hair, appear to bathe frequently, and look pretty mainstream.

But make no mistake, these disguised candidates are wolves in sheep's clothing. Once elected, they will never reflect the traditional constituent values that the Democrat party once held, and has now abandoned. A case in point is that "Oh-so-moderate" Connor Lamb who's been Nancy Pelosi's lap dog since his first day in D.C.

The upshot of noticing the above trends seems to be that more and more former Democrats, male and female, disturbed by the lack of traditional values — and no, "traditional" is not a pejorative word here — have jumped from that party's crazy runaway train. For this former Democrat, my preference is to be part of a party that is proud to represent both men and women. That's why I'm now supporting Republicans Wagner, Barletta, Perry, Schmucker, KPH, and Jones. Let's keep sanity in government, and keep the lefty whack jobs at bay.

Remember: Turnout, turnout, turnout on Nov. 6.

— Joe Brillhart is a resident of York Township.