LETTER: Scott Perry’s to-do lists


Here is what I think Scott Perry’s calendar looks like:

To-do list for May 4, 2017

1. Read House Bill on ACA replacement.

2. Read Congressional Budget Office on same.

3. Consider number of unfortunate Americans who will lose or get no health insurance.

4. Think about what is a preexisting condition.

5. Think about how many Americans have such preexisting conditions.

6. Think about the adverse effect on Medicare Part D coverage gap elimination and how this will hurt Medicare recipients.

7. Forget this whole list as Scott Perry is too busy pandering to the party and thinking about getting re-elected and he does not care about his constituents.

To-do list for May 5, 2017

1. Celebrate passing a bill in the House which takes health care away from 24 million likely or even more Americans who need health care.

2. Celebrate giving a large tax cut to the top 1 percent wage earners, including Scott Perry.


Lower Windsor Township