LETTER: Helfrich wants to ‘bring back’ York City


I am honored to announce the endorsement by York’s firefighters at IAFF Local 627 for my candidacy for Mayor of York City. I am proud to support our firefighters as my grandfather, Kenny Helfrich, did as a York City firefighter for 20 years. Thank you, York City firefighters, for putting your trust in me as the people of York put our trust in you.

York City Council President Michael Helfrich asks candidates questions during a special council meeting held to publicly interview candidates for the open seat, at City Hall in York City, Monday, Nov. 21, 2016. Dawn J. Sagert photo

I hope city residents agree that I have been an honest, responsive and respectful city councilman for the past five years. I have two main reasons for running for mayor. The taxes and fees are destroying the value of our homes, and many in our neighborhoods feel our government has left them behind.

I have never raised your property taxes. My opponent raised your taxes 26 percent. My opponent raised your sewer fees 52 percent. I voted once to raise sewer fees 6 percent. I will continue to be conservative with our tax dollars, working toward a 20 percent property tax reduction.

Along with cutting taxes, the way to “bring back” York is to focus on our families and neighborhoods. Working with our faith community, non-profits and residents, we will create neighborhood centers throughout York City. By working together, developing safe spaces within a few blocks of every child, with fun and educational opportunities, doesn’t have to be expensive. The streets are teaching crime and violence. Our children need nurturing activities in our neighborhoods for when they aren’t in school. We have the resources. I am committed to making this a reality. My opponent has been in charge of improving our neighborhoods for 14 years; starting as community development director in 2003, and now mayor since 2010. I am asking for an opportunity to show you that I can do better. Please give me that chance on May 16.


York City