LETTER: Holding the line on spending in Central York district


I'm running for a seat on the Central York school board. I'm serving now as an appointed member to fill a vacancy. During my 14 months of board service, I've focused on holding the line on spending. After considering my qualifications and my actions on the board, I would be grateful for your vote.


My initiation into politics was a baptism by fire — I served as campaign treasurer for Scott Wagner during the special election, and I remain a Wagner Republican. I was an accounting major at Lehigh. After graduating from Dickinson Law School, I worked for Ernst & Young where I dug deeply into complex business financial statements for three years. I own my own law firm and invest in several other businesses. I have the experience and credibility to advocate for taxpaying families.

I have two children in the district, including one on the autism spectrum. I care deeply about making sure that Central provides a quality education to every student including students with autism. My mother was a public school teacher in Baltimore. I know the sacrifices teachers make that don't show up on a financial statement.

While on the board, I've supported programs like Panther Pathways. It reduced exorbitant placement costs for students with behavioral issues. Also important to me were the deeply moving success stories from students and families whose lives it transformed. It was a true win-win for taxpayers and families.

I recently voted against $6.5 million in infrastructure spending. I advocated doing the projects over time in smaller chunks to avoid borrowing money and paying more because of interest costs.

On May 16, please vote for me and for fellow candidates Veronica Gemma and Jane Johnson. As a team, we can build a better Central for children and taxpayers.


Manchester Township