LETTER: Reasons to vote for Vedder, Prendergast


Clyde Vedder

Problems arising out of the complete breadth of human activity are brought before the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas for solution. To better utilize the varied degrees of expertise judges bring to the bench, the court has divided itself into several subject areas: family, criminal, civil and orphans courts. Individual judges can be assigned to any of those divisions.

Judges with broad experience are badly needed to allow flexibility in dealing with the unexpected situations that often confront the court. Clyde Vedder is the perfect fit. His practice over the last 35-plus years has immersed him in a wide array of matters, including jury and non-jury trials and representation of individuals, among which are prosecuting criminal cases as an assistant DA, family law, personal injury and debtor-creditor disputes.

As a third generation lawyer his upbringing was centered on the law. And his family roots extend back almost 100 years here in York County. Clyde graduated from William Penn Senior High School, Dickinson College and University of Pittsburgh Law School.

Clyde Vedder is scrupulously honest and eminently fair and a valuable addition to our bench.

Judge Kathleen Prendergast

All that needs to be said is that Judge Prendergast has been performing the duties of judge in a creditable and workmanlike manner. By Jan. 2, 2018, she will have served as a judge for approximately one and one-half years. Her valuable service should be retained.


Retired lawyer,

Springfield Township