Residents allowed to return to site of train derailment as officials say air is safe

LETTER: Don’t give up the good fight


When one reads about and sees all that our Gov.Tom Wolf and the First Lady, Frances, are trying to do for the welfare, rights and prosperity of all Americans to retake the American dream, we as citizens must never give up the good fight and do what is right. Their dedication and activism is to be admired in this day, when many feel they are exiled.

Tom Wolf is sworn in as Governor of Pennsylvania during ceremony at the state capitol building in Harrisburg, Tuesday January 20, 2015. John A. Pavoncello -

We must appeal to reason and fairness, which are means of helping each other at all levels in healthcare, education, and economic well being, in its broadest sense, to name a few. When we inspire others to help, we all receive rewards. In this period of chaos, and following an election tainted with dishonesty, bigotry and possible treasonable behavior, which followed eight years of obstruction by Republican members of the Legislature in Washington, we must all take stock and determine what we are going to do about it.

As John Crisp in the Tribune News service states, "Germany did not become Nazi Germany overnight. Many Germans were surprised and mortified to wake up one morning and realize what their country had gradually become."

Ben Franklin noted, "It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins." And I would add, also, indifference.


Mount Wolf