LETTER: Hats off to Rep. Scott Perry

Darwin Doll
Springettsbury Township

Your article on Rep. Scott Perry meeting with an alleged hate group was quickly discredited with Rep. Perry’s response in the Dec. 22 York Dispatch.

U.S. Rep. Scott Perry, R-Dillsburg, posted this photo of himself with Brigitte Gabriel, founder of ACT for America. (Photo cropped from original Facebook image)

The York newspapers continue to be quick to criticize before they have all or any facts. His willingness to hear all sides of issues is very important to our governing process in this country. The left’s one-sided approach is what continues to get this country into trouble consistently.

It is obvious that the parties involved in this bias have never spent any time outside of this country. nor ever had to confront our enemies. There are those in this arena that won’t be satisfied until heads are rolling in the streets of our cities. Our enemies will not be content until this happens on a regular basis.

Perry criticized for meeting with alleged hate group leader

Rep. Perry continues to do his homework on all sides and is to be commended for doing so to the benefit of his constituents. Before we run off half-cocked it would be wise to consult with veterans in this country as to the consequences we face for not paying attention to our foreign counterparts.

OPED Perry: Setting the record straight

Thanks Rep. Perry for paying attention to the welfare of us, your constituents, for the future of a secure United States of America.

EDITORIAL: Grip and grin with hate

Darwin Doll

Korean Veteran

Springettsbury Twp.