LETTER: A change of fate


Few people thought

That on November 8

Our God would show up

But He’s never late

The polls all showed

It was over and done

But God heard our prayers

And sent down his son

So many not ready

For this change of fate

Their ship was now sinking

But it was too late

Our God is a God

Of mercy and love

Sometimes he will chasten

From his home above

They still can’t believe

This unfolding event

But Jesus is calling

All men to repent

The anger of many

Is brazen and bold

While the shepherd still welcomes

Lost sheep to the fold

This land is so blessed

By the pure and the free

Now give me your hand

And bless God with me

Today we were given

A Trump and a Pence

While Satan enrages

The mob with no sense

It’s time to restore

The Bible in school

For 53 years we played

The part of a fool

There’s anger and hate

Each day as a rule

Make the word of the Lord

Your healing tool

The fruit of the womb

We must protect

God’s plan is life

So never neglect

Some day we will meet

In heaven so pure

Just make your calling

And election sure


Jackson Township