LETTER: We support you Mike


Thirty-four years … imagine something that has become a part of your weekly routine, a part of your life, unceremoniously taken from you. How would you feel? Well that was exactly what has happen to Michael McPherson. Here is a man that has devoted his time, energy and livelihood to a group of basketball players. A group ranging in age, race and cultural backgrounds with no discrimination, just a common love for basketball. In today’s day and age and with all that is going on pertaining to race, the open gym at the Dallastown Elementary and previously York Vo-Tech is sorely needed. The township has decided that after 34 years it is no longer willing to keep this staple of Friday and Sunday nights alive. This open gym wasn’t biased in who could come, whether you were local or as far away as Baltimore, you came. You came because the games and competition always maintained great levels. You came for the camaraderie, you came because you knew Mike would be there. Mike ran this gym, and no one would disrespect him or the gym for that matter. It’s rare that you have several walks of life convening at one place, and you never hear any reports of violence, this was a safe haven, an outlet.

James Brooks of Weber Inc., left,  grabs a rebound from Greg Carroll of Showtime during the York Summer Basketball Division I championships at Voni Grimes Gym in 2015. York County boasts several adult basketball programs. One of those programs, operated by York Township, has been suspended because of financial issues.

Thirty-four years is a long time to keep something going, the price increased and the same people showed up. A lot of relationships were forged in that gym, basketball brings people together. Father and daughter, co-workers, friends, black, white, and neighbors. We need a gym like this, Mike deserves to continue, and the township should allow him the facility, to continue a legacy that he built. We support him, give in to the community and let the games continue. We support you Mike!


York City