LETTER: Update from York County School of Technology

Administrative team
York County School of Technology

In response to the recent incidents at the York County School of Technology, we are providing our community with an update regarding our school operations and to address a number of concerns that have been investigated completely and in full cooperation with local law enforcement.

York County School of Technology administrators have addressed the inappropriateness of the post-election actions taken by a few students on Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016. On Friday, Nov. 11, and again Monday, Nov. 14, the Lincoln Intermediate Unit 12 Pupil Personnel Supervisor, Dr. Laura Sharp, led a team of psychologists who met with all students and listened to concerns. A safe room was also available to students throughout the day as questions or concerns arose. YCST administrators are conducting ongoing meetings with student leadership to maintain a positive school culture and climate.

Shanelle DeShields, 17, a senior at Central York High School, joins community members and students at a rally to draw awareness to alleged racial bullying at York County School of Technology, Friday, Nov. 11, 2016. DeShields said she was a student at York Tech but left last year after being racially bullied.  John A. Pavoncello photo

York County School of Technology exists for the purpose of providing technical and academic instruction to students in an atmosphere that is positive, safe and conducive to learning. It is the mission of the school that a unified student body, working with a dedicated staff, will become college and career ready, as well as productive, contributing members of our society.

We condemn the negative actions of a few who threatened to compromise what has been built at York County School of Technology over the course of many years; any efforts by any person or persons that are contrary to the mission of the school will be met with full and immediate action by the administration and, where appropriate, by local law enforcement. All stakeholders are fully committed to the goal that YCST be a physically and emotionally safe space for all students, where students are valued, their differences are respected, and student diversity is embraced.

We want to make all parents and students aware that any incidents or concerns that may affect the well-being of students, must be reported immediately to a teacher or an administrator, so that an incident report can be completed by the student and a thorough administrative investigation can be conducted and completed.

Administrative team,

York County School of Technology

Editor's Note: This letter is in response to racist threats made by white students at the school and directed at minority students. Story, photos and and video at​.