LETTER: PHRC supports West York residents


We at the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission were saddened to see the recent disparaging and racist comments of West York Borough Mayor Charles Wasko, whose resignation takes effect on Friday. His comments are demeaning and have a rippling effect on the residents of the community. Wasko’s behavior promotes discrimination and inequality, as well as increases the civil tension and erodes the public trust and sense of safety.

York City resident Elijah Cross addresses the council regarding racist behaviors of Mayor Charles Wasko and other political figures during a West York Borough Council Meeting in West York Borough, Monday, Oct. 17, 2016. The council would later accept Wasko's resignation. Dawn J. Sagert photo

Many of the individuals who testified at the Oct. 3 special public meeting held by the borough council expressed their outrage at the mayor’s comments and called for his resignation. Others were concerned that he does not represent everyone residing in the borough of West York.

The PHRC believes Mr. Wasko’s behavior is unacceptable, particularly from a public figure who is elected to represent all residents of West York. Residents of West York deserve better.

The PHRC supports the residents of West York.

If any individual feels he/she may have experienced unlawful discrimination, visit or call (717) 787-4410.


PHRC executive director