LETTER: Kudos to local police

York Dispatch

I know the Police have been getting a bad rap lately so I want to share something nice regarding them.

Sgt. Ken Schollenberger spends time with children in Newberry Township following a six-hour standoff in their neighborhood. One neighbor, Alisha Jenkins, posted on social media that she wanted to share some positive news about community police officers. Sgt. Schollenberger is a member of QRT and York Area Regional Police.

On July 13, as most of you have heard by now, there was a standoff a few houses down from us. Various departments around the area responded.

They spent 6 hours in the blazing sun, trying to convince the man to let himself be helped. Once the situation was resolved peacefully, instead of packing up and getting out of there once the man was safely contained, the policemen took the time to explain to the kids what happened and what they did to resolve it.

They gave the kids honorary badges, a tour of their negotiation unit and brought us a pizza as thanks for letting them use our bathroom during those 6 hours.

These men didn't have to do any of this, yet they did because they care about our community and those who live here. I didn't catch all of their names but they really made a bright spot after a very tense day.

Thank you so much to those officers.

Alisha Jenkins

Newberry Township