LETTER: Nixon’s criticism of Wagner is inappropriate


My letter is in response to Mr. Henry Nixon’s letter to the editor criticizing the York Dispatch for comparing Scott Wagner’s level of community giving to Mr. Appell’s.

State Sen. Scott Wagner

I’m sure Scott would agree that Mr. Appell was an irreplaceable asset to the York community and that he was in a league of his own. What I am personally offended by is Henry Nixon downplaying the amount of money Scott Wagner gives back to the community.

Henry Nixon is not an employee of Scott’s and has never worked for his companies so I’m not sure why Mr. Nixon feels he would be an appropriate judge of how much Scott Wagner gives to our community. As an employee of Scott’s, I speak for all 400 of my co-workers when I say we are extremely proud to work for a man who is so committed to giving back to the communities we service. Scott Wagner supported over 110 non-profit organizations in 2015 and I know this because I am on our donations committee at Penn Waste, unlike Mr. Nixon.

Henry Nixon didn’t have an issue with Scott’s money when he was looking for a campaign contribution when he was running for county commissioner this past year so I find it a little ironic that he has an issue with his money now. There is much to be said about what someone does when no one is looking and I can assure you the community doesn’t know about half of what Scott Wagner does to help people when no one is looking.

Shame on Henry Nixon for downplaying the positive financial impact Scott Wagner has had on our community.


Manchester Township