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LETTER: The Scrooges of York County government

York Dispatch

Thumbs up to the Nov. 20 York Dispatch view on the retirees of York County.
I retired in 2008 and like every other retiree did not see an increase in my pension since. I was told in 2008 that the county retirees had been getting cost of living raises in their pensions yearly. Well, that stopped.
If the county can't afford to give us a raise because of the so called "COLA clause," then remove it. We're not greedy; we don't have to get a retro-active raise -- even though that would have been nice.
The county says it doesn't have that kind of money. They seem to come up with a lot of money for everything else. For example: All the overtime they pay out at the York County Prison. Please, just give us a deserving cost of living raise every year. I was always told the county takes care of their retirees -- not so.
Come on Chris Reilly, how would you like to not get a raise in almost eight years?
Some of the county retirees even had to fight to keep our paid health benefits for life that were grandfathered in. Seems like the county is always trying to screw with their retirees. We put in long years of service and dedication to the county. Show a little respect for those retirees.
I'm sure if all the current York County employees were retired right now they would feel the same way we do.
Springettsbury Twp.