LETTER: Thank you from Clancy

York Dispatch

I am honored and humbled by the results of my primary election for magisterial district judge, winning both Republican and Democratic sides of the ballot. Thank you to the voters of Spring Garden Township and West York and North York who placed their confidence in me. Thanks also to my family, the countless volunteers who helped with my campaign and to my Citizens for Clancy Committee members.

As many readers are already aware, being a member of the Pennsylvania bar, I am immediately qualified to sit as district judge. In light of my primary win, I am currently attending the four-week magisterial district judge course offered through the month of June by Pennsylvania's Minor Judiciary Education Board. This course will provide additional updates and training, which, in turn, will allow me to serve our community in an even more efficient and effective manner.

Please mark your calendars to vote in the general election on Nov. 3. I would greatly appreciate your continued support at that time. My name will appear on both the Republican and Democratic sides of the ballot. Again, I am truly grateful to my supporters and I look forward to serving as your next magisterial district judge.


Spring Garden Twp.