LETTER: Springettsbury voters were warned

York Dispatch

It happened quietly and without fanfare at the Springettsbury Township Board of Supervisors meeting on Thursday, May 28. With a motion, a second, and a 4-to-1 vote, nearly 60 years of dedicated service of the Springettsbury Township Ambulance will come to an end.

Supervisor Bill Schenck has lobbied for the elimination of the township EMS since he came up with the brilliant idea to merge fire departments and create York Area United Fire and Rescue. Against the advice of his new fire chief and many township residents, Schenck persuaded Supervisors Kathlen Phan, Mark Swomley and George Dvoryak to join him in his personal agenda.

Effective Jan. 1, 2018, the ambulance will be "outsourced" to the lowest bidder. We warned the voters during the 2013 election that the elimination of the Springetts Ambulance was a very real possibility. Of course, the former manager, Schenck and Swomley tried to spin the truth by telling the residents, "Don't believe them; we are not eliminating the ambulance." They were very reluctant, however, to speak publicly about the "outsourcing" of the ambulance.

It was a surprise that Supervisor Phan voted to eliminate the Springetts EMS, since a huge part of her campaign platform was to keep our own EMS. Swomley actually told two EMTs that they should not believe the rumors, and he is behind them in keeping their jobs.

It's hard to say what happens to people when they are elected to public office and they officially become "politicians." For six years the people who voted them into office become unimportant until they need them again for reelection.

It is quite sad that this group of dedicated employees are being tossed away like trash. They certainly deserve better for their unselfish service.

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