LETTER: Smart Growth actually advocates no growth

York Dispatch

I am reaching out to everyone I know who lives in Hellam Township or cares about its future. I don't usually get involved with politics but I feel that it is very important to understand what is about to happen in Hellam Township at the supervisor level.

At the primary election on May 19, if you are registered as a Republican, you will have the opportunity to vote for three supervisors.

I have had many experiences watching the actions of the current board of supervisors. I have attended many meetings in the last few years and have seen how they call themselves Smart Growth but actually advocate no growth. I think it is important for any municipality to have growth in order to sustain the lifestyle and services we expect from our township. Otherwise as costs go up and taxes or the tax base does not go up, the services we get from our township will likely decrease as they try to balance their budget to keep with inflation.

So what I am saying is that if you don't want your taxes to go up, we will ultimately need to increase our tax base by having controlled business growth occur in Hellam Township. I believe that Dave Miller, Riki Potosky and Phil Smith will bring a better balance to the rural character of Hellam Township and reasonable, controlled business growth that we need. Please vote Dave Miller, Riki Potosky and Phil Smith on May 19.


Hellam Twp.