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LETTER: Biser committed to Shrewsbury Twp.

York Dispatch

My name is Ann Biser, and I am a Republican candidate for Shrewsbury Township supervisor who would like to request your support in the May 19 primary election. I am a lifelong resident of Shrewsbury Township with longstanding roots in the community. I have owned a small business, volunteered with community organizations, and raised my children in the township.

I would like our local government to have members committed to understanding the concerns of our community members; committed to promoting the needs of the community; who listen, research, discuss the issues intelligently and act responsibly. I believe I can be such a supervisor.

I am a 1983 graduate of Susquehannock High School, then went on to graduate with a bachelor's degree from Wilson College and ultimately obtained a master's degree from Johns Hopkins University. I work at a major medical institution in Baltimore, where I am a physician assistant and program coordinator. In this capacity, I interact with a great variety of people from a number of various cultures, ideologies, beliefs and backgrounds. Such experiences have taught me to strive to understand and respect the views of others. It also requires collaboration, the ability to plan, to act under sometimes stressful situations and an ability to manage time and resources effectively.

While in college, I created and ran a small business out of my home. Doing so exposes one to innumerable learning opportunities and experiences and sharpens one's problem-solving abilities and solidifies responsibilities. Over the years I have also volunteered with various local organizations, primarily local Scout troops and my church, but also Mason-Dixon soccer league and various school parent activities. I have held several positions within these organizations and currently serve on the council of St. Paul Lutheran Church, Hametown.

I have been attending our township meetings for the past couple of years and continue to do so. I would very much like to see more of our community members attend as well. More input provides a variety of information, more viewpoints and a better chance of discussion resulting in a well-informed electorate and better decisions for all. I am very willing to listen to the concerns, needs and interests of the community. We have a number of interested candidates running for the two available township positions, and I am hopeful our citizenry will come out to exercise their right to vote on May 19.


Shrewsbury Twp.