LETTER: Selective 'research' by columnist

York Dispatch

"The scientific consensus on guns" by David Hemenway, printed in The York Dispatch on April 27, 2015, is a prime example of someone trying to pass off an opinion poll as being factual.

Hemenway says he had graduate students working for him select only authors meeting his approval to be included in his poll. That certainly was the way to get the results that he wanted.

He ignores the fact that many of the cities, and some states, with the most restrictive gun-control laws have the highest murder rates along with other crimes. Gee, who would have thought that criminals don't obey laws?

He goes on and on about how the people he chose for his anti-Second Amendment poll agree with him. How enlightening. He says he wasn't interested in research. Wait, what? He's a professor? In that case, the Harvard School of Public Health is in deep trouble.

Statistics compiled by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies will give some factual evidence on the subject.

I am eagerly awaiting more of his scientific polls. Perhaps a group of his chosen scientists could drive through western Kansas and conclude that the Earth really is flat. Maybe he could take a group of his peers to a smoking area outside of a large office building and when no dead bodies are found among the discarded cigarette butts they could declare that smoking is not harmful to a person's health.

He says "scientific consensus isn't always right," and that surely sums up his article. "Nuff" said.


Conewago Twp.